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A perfectly formed mirror polished stainless steel elliptical portal that plays with light and reflections to mislead the eye and stimulate the mind. Impressive as a far off point of focus and fascinating when viewed close up, the Torus modern outdoor sculpture draws the viewer into the distorted landscape it reflects.

Photo of Castle Crag Tornado Cairn. Royalty-free image by Copyright Richard Shilling

Ephemeral Environmental Sculptures Evoke Cycles of Nature by artist and photographer Martin Hill

Giant Fish Sculptures Made from Discarded Plastic Bottles in Rio. The giant artwork was part of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, which was held in Rio between between 19-22 June. The sculptures serve as a reminder for beach-goers to recycle plastic bottles in order to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our oceans.

MNN - Mother Nature Networkfrom MNN - Mother Nature Network

Artist creates beautiful indoor clouds

Amsterdam Artist Berndnaut Smilde creates clouds, indoors. Using smoke machines and carefully controlling the atmospheric conditions in the room he is able to manipulate the smoke into cloud forms. Using different lighting techniques he creates vivid and beautiful works of art. Sculpture-less, paint-less, a totally new artistic style of creation. Stunning.