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ne jamais se lisser abattre par la fausse convience et le mensonge car si tu es vrai et verite ... rien ni personne pourra detruire ta fortresse .... kelkes egratignure ... signe de force.

from AXS

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Actually feels good to see what people think of u and no response needed just keep it moving I am growing and it feels good everything doesn't need a response it's actually good knowing I have so much space rented out

Only God matters; What He chooses at the pearly gates is what matters. We all stumble, fall, crumble but God does know that we struggle. He died for US...For our sins....and there are many and when I say that I mean I AM NO SAINT. I love the Lord our God. I am so thankful to be a chosen one....I am humble and in Love with Jesus.

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I always look over my shoulder thinking let's not repeat those mistakes instead of looking to the future!!