ok, i literally just laughed out loud for a long time at this. its the little things, i tell ya....



Lol! Gosh, it sure looks like no one asked!

Funny stuff



I feel this way a lot... - Click image to find more Illustrations & Posters Pinterest pins

I'm not arguing. I'm explaining why I'm correct. Can I get an amen!!

When In Doubt Mumble from 55 Hi's.

Crazy Batshit Crazy, Crazy People, Some People, You Re Batshit, Thought, Poor Thing, Ecards, Thing H

This is me every weekend! @Stacey Chiang


Laughed so hard

People, people...are you laughing? I am because I would LOVE to say this to a few people I know. I don't think I would ever conjure up the nerve though.

You hide crazy like a bikini hides an extra 45 pounds. Yes I unfortunately had to see this myself.... stand behind my back again & look over my shoulder & see where it gets u

Shut Up.

So funny!!