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  • Steve Caunce

    This is what we do without video playback, it's called memory.

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Go ahead. Shake and stomp.

Each and every one of them.

19 Ridiculous Instructions You're Glad You Bothered To Read

Phallic-shaped Christian Science Church. The Church recently moved into their new premises, but failed to notice the phallic design until one resident looked at the building from an aerial position using Google Earth and posted a screen grab online. Established in 1903, Christian Science teaches "love, growth and spiritual healing" based on teachings from the bible and the writings of founder Mary Baker Eddy. The phallus shaped church also has the slogan "rising up" as its motto.

Cartoon: What they're watering the fruit with

Signed by Gandalf

Basketball for the incontinent.

Thieves be dumb

17 Moments of Delicious Instant Karma -

Keystone Progress Daily Funnies .: Rob Rogers, August 22, 2015

Who will use the lower balcony?

Look where you're heading or you might run directly into the wall. What was behind the wall on that first staircase.

Is this the new design for the sink?

Are they using this for meetings now?

The toilet is placed too near at the door.

Is this the stairway to heaven?

Stairs leading up to...a wall.

For those times when you don't want to hear people criticizing your jewellery choices: Ear-Plug-Earrings

Stupid invention: super-tie

Turning turtle.

Less Than All There

Victim of horrific trampoline accident.

Motorcycle helmets that look like shaved heads - Boing Boing