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    Social media is an obvious way to market to a broad customer base, but if you're goal is to win over the customers closest to you, try these local strategies.
    October 15, 2012
    Kara Ohngren Prior

    How Can I Market My Business Locally Without Busting My Budget

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    Get their email. And make sure you give them a reason to sign up. Ask for reviews. Over 20% of reviews have local intent. Give back. Find a local cause that you can get behind. Change it up. Rotate your message or your creative. Learn from your customers. They're smarter than you are about what they want.

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    10 Facebook Business Tips Infographic, although I wholeheartedly disagree with #7. If you're going to make a post on any social network, stick around and be present. The longer a person has to wait for a response from a brand, their loyalty dwindles. Be present!

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    Social Media Marketing should be in your marketing plan as a real estate professional. The more people you interact with, the bigger your community. The bigger your community, the more prospects for you!

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