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Mike Dunlap '80, who played and helped coach at LMU, takes over the Charlotte Bobcats.

The California Zephyr awaits LMU students who take a week-long trip through the Southwest studying Christianity and Native America with professor Daniel Smith-Christopher.

LMU President, David W. Burcham, launches a 100 million dollar scholarship initiative.

On the second day of Christmas in L.A., Iggy traveled to Little Tokyo.

Detail of one of the 17 structures of the Watts Tower in Los Angeles built by Simon Rodia in his spare time over a period of 33 years with much recycled material.

Watts Towers by Simon Rodia doorway detail featuring broken bottles, pottery shards, tile fragments, and seashells. Note flower-like imprints in mortar (lower right) made with a faucet handle. "1765" and "SR" are repeatedly seen, referring to the street number and to Simon Rodia, the builder.

The creator of the Watts Towers in L.A. : Sabato Rodia: Der 1879 geborene Immigrant Sabato Rodia stammte ursprünglich aus einem Bergdorf in der Nähe von Neapel und wanderte bereits als junger Mann in die USA aus. 1921 kaufte er ein Eckgrundstück im Einwandererviertel Watts, in Los Angeles, lebte dort in einer einfachen Hütte und begann mit dem Bau seiner Türme. Die Aufnahme zeigt ihn 1951 in seiner Werkstatt neben den Watts Towers.