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How to Make Blessing Bags - a great way to use those samples and trial size toiletries! Keep them in the glove box for when an opportunity arises.

Homeless - Make these blessing bags or backpacks to bless the homeless in your area. Print out this checklist and take it to the store with you for ideas of things to include in your blessing bag!

from All Things with Purpose

Printable Blessing Bag Cards!

Blessing Bag! Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, Soap Shampoo, Hand lotion, Gum, Healthy snacks (individual servings of peanut butter, applesauce, dried fruit, granola bars, tuna fish and crackers along with disposable utensils) A list of places (addresses and phone numbers) that provide services for the homeless Socks, gloves, hats Gift cards for fast food restaurants and public transit Bottled water Razor and shaving cream Chapstick Tissues Hand sanitizer

Put together a few bags of supplies to carry in your car and hand out to the homeless. Here are some suggestions of items to include... or include them all!

Money gift ideas!!! Pizza dough. Perfect gift idea for teens. Comes in personal pan pizza size too :) Got to remember to get a pizza box