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Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: I'm in love and not afraid to annoy the shit out of everyone.

What will I think about after I get married? Oh wait, all the cute babies I just repinned.

Sorry your entire life seems like a letdown after your ridiculously over-the-top wedding.

I'm sorry there isn't a relationship status on Facebook that accurately describes our situation.

"I'm sorry there isn't a FB relationship status that accurately describes our situation" SERIOUSLY!

So funny...and so TRUE! I can replace "pinning" with "cooking" or "talking about" in my case :)

So funny.and so TRUE! I can replace "pinning" with "cooking" or "talking about" in my case :)

Fifty Shades #fiftyshades http://www.holisticwisdom.com/fifty-shades.htm

I've spent all day seductively biting my bottom lip in hopes that a brooding, handsome billionaire would take notice.

Adventures in crafting, cooking, and couponing!: Fab fall finds for less!

I have good taste, but I don't have the money to prove it I like to think I do at least. STORY OF MY LIFE.

from one of my fave basset blogs, Why Not on a Tuesday.

How do people not like dogs? And DO NOT tell me that you hate cats if you've never owned one!