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    • Christine Pribyl

      So true and totally me!! I am completely OCD about how I put my groceries on the belt! I put this in my 'funny things worth seeing' but this is like my #1 pet peeve... I serisoulsy will stand there digging through my cart to put items together i want bagged together and yet they still don't do it.... grrrrrrrrr

    • Julia Gulia

      Thank you, Cashier, for bagging my groceries in such a nonsensical way considering the fact that all of the items were grouped on the conveyer belt in an orderly fashion. ecard, grocery store humor

    • hannah rob

      This is my life! I am so ocd on how I put things on the conveyer belt. Then they put my meat on top of my vegetables? WHY????? Do you want salmonella on your veggies?

    • Carrie Lewis

      LOL - Yes! I always organize the conveyer belt!!!! New FAVE E Card!!

    • Jennie Garza

      This was totally me at the grocery store today. #ECard #Humor

    • Lisa Alonzo

      I put this in "funny stuff" but sometimes it really isn't!!

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    Hahaha. Done this several times.

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    Oh yes...

    Sweet and true

    So true!!

    ha! ever have one of these days? we say opt for confidence (and body fat) as the best measures of your health!

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    Yes. That's exactly what I mean!

    all the time..


    haha yup.

    do it all the time



    Goes through my mind all the time!