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I've wanted this pillow for years, but have never been able to bring myself to spend that much on a pillow, and probably never will. But I can admire it from a distance :)

Kissing Giraffe Pillow by Jonathan Adler: Handmade 100% wool needlepoint. Measures 12 x 16". #Pillow #Giraffe #Jonathan_Adler

Jonathan Adler "Leo" pillow for my son named Leo, who isn't actually a Leo.

i kind of want this, it's on sale for $59.99 at barney's with free shipping

capricorn. It's cute but there is not a pillow in the world I'd pay 100 bucks for.

for pisces friends An example of Symbolic Pisces in Art and Nature: Astrology for the Soul's journey at

PISCES zodiac cushion astrology decorative by mybeardedpigeon, $49.00 #cushion #homewares #zodiac

Pisces: Ethereal #Pisces: Other people sometimes find Pisceans hard to understand, because they feel so deeply and see many things in life that they cannot share with more practical types.

She has over 600 pictures in her photo stream. I think I'm showing remarkable restraint, actually. By katiedaisy Katie Daisy