wood pellets outdoor kitchen

outdoor art space in a Reggio preschool

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http://to.ly/hhuA Mesquite Wood Pellets

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DIY Outdoor Easel for Kids...easy to make and countless possibilities for outdoor play and creativity!

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Outdoor Music Station for Kids Made from Recycled Materials.

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tinkering space

Children can intertwine various materials through this outdoor Weaving Panel, such as ribbon, yarn and string. This unique piece of outdoor learning equipment allows children to use their imaginations to create an artistic design with the weaving materials.

Apparently a great book for getting kids outdoors and into nature!

Learning for Life: Outdoor Play Party - A whole new class!

Corn "sand"box

Bridges in preschool

make a music wall

Balancing fun from Learning for Life. another example of use of loose parts. did children come up with this on their own?