homemade pedialyte

Natural Pedialyte Alternative Recipe for Babies & Adults

Homemade Pedialyte Recipe

Stomach Bug Prevention Trick (Every mom should know this!) ~ SERIOUSLY THIS WORKS!!!

I saw a little girl playing with one of these in a restaurant for a long, long time! Her gramma brings it with her when she visits and changes it up everytime! Great idea!

Homemade sugar wax: good for facial waxing!

#26 is funny. These are actually really clever.

Mind blown. #SoloCup

Recipe: Homemade Pedialyte | Everything Mommyhood

Easy Homesteading: How to Make Homemade Pedialyte: DIY Recipes and Instructions

A "zoo" for all the stuffed animals finally! a place to keep them! This is soooo smart!

This recipe went totally viral a while ago and it's no wonder - it's smells wonderful and so silky smooth

Honey cough drops

Scented Homemade Edible Paint | FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS

Just remove the wrap and fill with whatever needs stored. From sugar to goldfish this works great. Spout is perfect for pouring and the lids easily screw off. Genius.

Super Soft Playdough Recipe -made this today! it turned out perfect! we used grape koolaid to make it purple :) success!! kids loved it!!

You won't believe how easy it is to get rid of ants for good!

Seven things we do to help our kids learn to get along.

Homemade lotion, only better: Peppermint whipped body butter! Try different kinds!

Homemade Nesquik- Really Really.