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These are not the droids we are looking for…

"It was kind of an accident -- but he started it". As a Mother of 3 boys, I hear that line all the time. Its a comfort to know, they never grow out of it.........

Hulk smash!! And smashing is what he does best..!

My friend took advantage of certain construction problems to take this photo...

Whedon, you are my hero. You managed to work in "Hulk Smash" without it sounding completely stupid.

Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno were the BEST and ONLY dr. Banner/incredible hulk. Just sayin' to all you suckers who swoon for Disney's Marvel.

Dwarves are the New Sexy? I didn't see that coming.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Patrick Stewart.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! THIS IS SO HILARIOUS!!! :D :D :D ...well at least I thought it was :) (Oh, Spidey, it's so cute that you think you matter.)

THANK YOU. I've known this for so long and it bugs me every time! someone else knows my pain!

This is why I had comprehension problems in school