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"You are not special." You challenge is to find ways to reach this level, not expect it to be there waiting for you.

Student Loan debt has passed 1 Trillion Dollars. This article has some interesting information about student loan debt in America.

Camera phone for macro photos using old laser pointer. Plus lots of other handy, d.i.y. tips...

Genius Solutions To Simple Problems That Only Require Normal Stuff Around The House

use laser pointer to turn phone into macro camera and other AWESOME life hackS


Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps is a debt management plan designed to help millions of families get out of debt and build wealth. Become debt-free!

What to Wear to a White Coat Ceremony. As it turns out, they do expect you to be wearing additional clothing under the coat.

What to Wear to a White Coat Ceremony

What to wear to a white coat ceremony is the focus. A med student shares fashion tips and outfit ideas for white coat ceremonies.

Graduation shadow box! Delta Zeta & University of Houston class of 2012, Go COOGS!

After graduation perfect way to keep: Bid card, initiation card, pledge class photo/sorority photo, graduation stole


Purchasing textbooks in college may be very high price and the best advice is to avoid purchasing books at bookstores. It is better to purchase books in local stores or through online.

Community Post: 13 Struggles Every Physician Assistant Student Can Relate To

13 Struggles Every Physician Assistant Student Can Relate To


students share a laugh prior to Penn State commencement ceremony