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Black & White photo of little girl & cat. <3 <3 20+ Heartwarming Photos Of Kids Playing W/ Their Cats. 'Cats are cute. Kids are cute. But when cats & kids get together to play, they are cuter than the sum of their parts. These photos that we collected are a perfect storm of cuteness.'

Gentleness and purity. Not sure which is cuter, the child or the baby ducks. hmmm... my vote is for the little girl. :)

oh dear, how to pin this? orange kitty? kitty loving little girl? adorable orange boots? ruffly minty skirt? all of it is just too good.

Little girl with her puppy. #pets #moms #bestmomstv #motherhood #home #kids #animals

I want my children to live in a farm like setting, where they can go outside and play with the animals.

Bunny kisses. Note to everyone: If you're thinking of buying kids bunnies for easter, beware! I had one that bit and hissed and chased me often. Pet rabbits cannot be returned to the wild either. They seem so gentle, but may not be.