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Octopus candle holder

I wouldn't mess with that cat.

It depends on the girl but most of the time it's true

Best fact I have EVER seen in history. (FIXED)

Light saber control?

In a swedish zoo, an orphan silk monkey has moved in between the breast of one of the zooworkers for 3 weeks. he seems happy.

I'm gonna take my Volkswagen out on the interstate and then pick up a Fanta on my way home... in my Hugo Boss suit and Adidas shoes.

This is how Iran looks like today. (In regards to the recent post about Iran in the 70s)

New Dragon Ball Z character confirmed.

China is spelled wrong on this toy wheel.

Story of my life

Damn, so clever...

Local JB Hi-Fi had this review sitting up on their shelves...

This man clearly does not know African Governments.

To the Croatian guy, those are our Romanian Security cameras :) 24/7 service.

Friendzone lvl : over 9000

Good on ya, Jimmy!

My fiancee can have her "books". I'll stick to my video games

Deez Nuts for president!

Pokémon in GTA V

When it's my turn!

Brace yourself, here is my birthday cake!