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Decorating Sugar Cookies... From Start to Finish- Part 2

Yesterday I posted “Part 1” of a detailed tutorial my good friend (and cookie decorator extraordinaire!) Callye of Sweet Sugar Belle put together exclusively for Glorious Treats readers. Today I’m back with all the photo how-to’s for the decorating stage. You’ll need to prepare a batch of Royal Icin...
  • Wendy Fayette

    Royal icing recipe for cookie decorating

  • Jennifer Upton

    Decorating Sugar Cookies plus Royal Icing Recipe » Glorious Treats

  • anastasia w

    Glorious Treats » Decorating Sugar Cookies… From Start to Finish- Part 2 ~How-to for decorating cookies

  • Kathy Vidal

    Decorating cookie tutorial and frosting recipe... love this!!

  • Anna Henley

    Decorating Sugar Cookies... Icing From Start to Finish

  • Jennifer Collaer

    Glorious Treats » Decorating Sugar Cookies… From Start to Finish- Part 2 good frosting recipe

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using royal icing After they have dried for at least 24 hours, then gently picked them up and placed them around the cake. I placed them directly onto the frosting, so no 'glue' was needed.

Royal icing for cookies -- great recipe! I used 2 egg whites since I didn't have meringue powder, and reduced the water to compensate (total 3/4 cup liquid). It makes a LOT; I could probably frost 4 or 5 more batches of cookies with what's left!