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  • Leah Harwell

    This is what we did before texting :) I miss hand written notes sometimes! #oldschool

  • Jessica Knudson

    Before Text Messages. I still have all of mine from high school. @Kim Young...remember the silly ways we would write letters to each other?

  • Adge VanOver

    OLD SCHOOL!! Omg yes. I only just recently got rid of all of mine that I saved from middle school up through high school. So much cooler than texting!

  • Nicole Walk

    Before Text Messages oh high school and middle school memories...code words and everything!

  • Chris Gray

    Before Text Messages. I still have a ton of notes from high school! Will my kids still have those texts when they are my age?

  • Kelly Ownby

    I hope people never stop writing letters. Make sure you teach your kids that hand written notes are the best!!

  • Heidi Lueck

    Before Text Messages, remember this???

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