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Tell me now

if i were to die tomorrow, would there be something you wish you had said? say it otherwise you may just regret it!

YESYESYES (Tom Hiddleston,Benedict Cumberbatch,Hemsworth brothers,etc. )

Austin mahone, Alexander Ludwig, Taylor Lautner, Josh Hutcherson, Channing tatum or hunter Hayes and Luke Bryan!

Your Bucket List.

done many of times my favorite place, i will be trying sprinkles ice-cream friday and someday will go to cupcake atm

Have a white ink tatoo

before I die I want a white ink tattoo idk what of but something ill think of it one day

I'm going to be!

Luckily, I have had the honor of knocking this one off the bucket list already. Maid of Honor at my sister's wedding, my sister-in-law's wedding and bridesmaid in my friends wedding!

Sunday School 2015-2016

Someday all this hard work, all the tears, late nights, and stress will pay off. Someday I will be the teacher I've always wanted to be. Someday I will be a child's mentor and teach them for the future. Someday I will become a teacher.

He's never been camping, so I guess that's why he's never been big on camping, but I really want to go camping with him one day :)

My boyfriend and I did this a couple nights ago at Lake Lanier in Cumming, Ga. I didn't care about going camping with anyone specific; I just wanted to go camping, as far as my Bucket List goes, but I'm glad my boyfriend was with me.

Before I Die! by IslandGirls

Stop being "just friends". His is so true and we are more than just friends at the moment :D

If she'd just stop cancelling her concerts!!

See Adele perform live! She has such an amazing voice!

African Safari

This is definitely on the top of my things to do before I die list. Safari in Africa

10. Have someone write and sing a song about me.

is it weird that i would absolutely hate for a guy to write and sing a song about me? because i can't imagine how that could be a good thing i'm sorry -_-

I don't think walking behind a news reporter counts...

Be On TV // I've been on TV a couple times now. There was the Kisschasy and Michael Paynter music videos and the couple times I've been in a tv audience :)