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    See vintage ads for legal cocaine, pot, heroin and other substances that are now controlled. The old drug ads and labels are accompanied by a history of drug use and drug prohibition in the USA.
    • Dirty Chook

      who would have thought that cocaine toothache drops would give an instantaneous cure? pretty funny vintage advertisement. #advertising

    • Dental Partners of Fifth Avenue-Mark Gross DDS, Andrew Kaplan DMD MPH

      Vintage ad for #cocaine toothache drops. "Instantaneous Cure! Price 15 cents." #Dental #Health #History #NY #NYDentist #DentalHistory #AncientHistory #FifthAvenue #NewYorkCity

    • Michelle My Belle

      Nope, it's not a misprint! It seems as though back in the 1800s, cocaine was used for its medicinal properties. According to this vintage advertisement, even children were encouraged to use the then-legal substance. Freaky! Can you just imagine giving a small child some cocaine toothache drops to ease their teething problems? We bet it caused a lot more problems than it cured...

    • Alyssa Duncan

      An advert for cocaine toothache drops, which were available just 15 cents from all druggists in 1885 history is fun!

    • Speech&Pronunciation

      Cocaine Toothache Drops Science may have realised the fact this is only a local anaesthetic, but the history of the use of cocaine is very interesting!

    • Brenda Frederick

      Bizarre Vintage Photographs | The bizarre world of vintage ads - Late 1800s: Cocaine toothache drops ...

    • Teresa Greenwald

      Put this under "Fun Stuff" because, well.......

    • Ana Ivelisse

      "Cocaine Toothache Drops" #vintageads

    • Jonathan Castro


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