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  • Emerson Larkin

    Goldendoodles look like they descend from teddybears! Teddy bear crossed with Shih Tzu seems right :D ( I do know it's really Golden Retriever & Poodle #wild animals|

  • Ashleigh Lister

    I need another poodle puppy.... Red poodle with a teddy bear cut.

  • Daisy Henriksen

    Goldendoodle - Golden Retriever x Poodle. My best friend has this dog, and it´s the cutest dog I´ve ever seen. My mum dislike dogs, but she really likes her golden doodle <3

  • Kelcey Daniels

    Red teddy bear toy poodle i want him!

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There's my labra-doodle, just the right size...don't grow anymore!!! I think I'll name him Dude...

Even though this is a golden doodle... it looks just like my little Barkley (cock-a-poo)

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He/She looks almost exactly like my Puppy - my childhood stuffed animal companion.

goldendoodle. this will definitely be the dog i have.

I love big dogs. I have a very small one now, but I miss having a Goldendoodle, and Ill get one when I get older for sure ||

golden doodle vs. teddy bear.- oh! This is too cute, I want to cuddle with it.

This is just ridiculously cute -- Goldendoodle puppy that looks like a freakin' stuffed animal. Want to boop on the nose

A mutt disguised as a Designer dog - Golden-doodle. Thousands available at the local shelter or rescue :-)