Bleach Pen tees

A DIY Project from the Lucille's Blog: DIY Bleached Design Tshirt

DIY Fashion - Make Cute Heart Elbow Patches and 10 other Wickedly Clever & Simple DIY Projects. Felted heart elbow patch. I've been wanting to do felting for so long!

Bleach shirts

Contributor unknown. How to Make a Bleach Pen. Use the pen to bleach out sections of a stamped image.

DIY Bleach Pen. All you need are three ingredients and it's a fraction of the cost of purchasing bleach pens! Plus, you can use them for cool crafts like making your own designed t-shirts (tutorial within the link)

I actually made this bleach shirt! Well, more like the boyfriend did, but here's the stencil making and final bleached feather :)

16. Symbolism: The use of a figure or design to stand for something else. Something concrete, such as a lion, is usually used to represent an abstract quality, such as courage.

bleach pen

My first bleach pen shirt! I'm addicted! So simple! And so easy! :D

painting letters to perfection!

T-Shirt to pants

Take old t-shirts and get creative!

DIY old college tshirt tank

Easy way to do a chevron pattern on ANYTHING!!! Why have i never thought of this?

Clever Ribbon Organizer

How to print your photos onto tissue paper then modge podge onto canvas.