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sounds so f-u-n  -  I want to do this with the kids lol  -  but with washable paint

Already did the paint fight thing, but it would be fun a second time. with water based paint!

Have a pool, lets get some glowsticks

Glow sticks in the pool, great for night swimming! Not sure this would be the best idea for a big in ground pool (would probably take a couple hundred sticks), but would definitely be cool in a kid pool or an above ground pool!

Already checked off my bucket list! Spent the night at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium by the shark tanks!

spend the night at an aquarium, preferably in the tunnel that goes through the shark tank.or the tropical fisk tank.

I do that sometimes already, it's just not the entire day

Spend an entire day watching Disney movies.I'm sure I will do this when I have kids, or maybe before! I LOVE Disney movies!

Bucket list! Yes! Doing this this summer with @cody borgman borgman borgman Gerrard Beth

"Before I die I want to. go on a vacation with my best friend" Either the Bahamas or Hawaii😊

I definitely want to visit this place one day.

There's a Place in Thailand Where You Can Swim With Elephants

The new addition to my Bucket List…I have ridden an elephant in Thailand. But I have not swam with an elephant in Thailand.

Had a great time and a wonderful weekend with him after!

Take a kissing picture in a photo booth. We almost had a photo booth brought to our wedding for fun, but we decided not to. I'm not sure where else to find one around Jacksonville.

Before I Die, I Want To.....

Bucket list: take a photo everyday for a year. It would be so great to see all the pictures after the year was complete!