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  • Linda Walton

    Flashcubes - *I use to to sell these when working the camera dept at Long's Drug Store in the early 70s!" What a flashback! He, he ...

  • L. Hollingsworth

    Flashcubes #camera #photos #nostalgia

  • Paula Keys

    Flashcubes. Had to snap one on top of your camera. Each was good for 4 photos. I remember my mom using these. What a blast from the past... I used these!!

  • Suzi Eileen

    Flashcubes, I remember how many times my grandparents had to change the flash during pictures at Christmas. She was the camera queen!

  • Lori Padgett

    ~ Childhood Memories

  • Donna Weatherwax

    Flash Cubes - I remember getting my first camera that used these!

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Oh yeah, I remember this! You only had to flip the flash!

Flashcubes aided the results of photos taken in years past... Those of us of a certain age can remember the temporary, bright blue blindness, then huge blue spot this would leave in your vision for the next ten minutes after it went off in your face!

This was truly a nice, lightweight camera to use, and the last of the US Instamatics. Manufactured: 1970-1976

Camera flash bulbs! I remember having to constantly replace these because you could only take 4 pictures. We've come a long way.

flashcube! and film! It took a week to get back your lousy pictures and you couldn't just hit the delete button if you hated the way you looked.

We got to play with the burned out ones while my Mom took the Xmas card photos---anything to keep us entertained!

Big old flash cube. This was the first camera I ever had.

*Film and a flash cube--imagine that! Those cubes used to blind us!

Late 1960s - Had this Kodak Instamatic Camera... it took decent photos and was easy to use. As a teen though it was a pain that film was expensive to buy / process

Vintage Fisher Price Camera

Peel apart film on our first Polaroid camera--remember the smell?