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#illustration By Johanna Burai

Art 2 P.D. (Project of the Day) Flock of Birds Colored Pencil Drawings (Birds - Johanna Burai. Lesson idea: take any animal and fill the whole page with it, no gaps but can overlap. Use white, black, and one color.

estampas belas

Winter Cactus Canvas Print

Johanna Burai

Acrylic Painting © 2012 Johanna Burai All Rights Reserved How do I turn this into an art project!

Acrylic Painting, Johanna Burai

Acrylic Painting by Johanna Burai


Here Fishy Fishy Pattern

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Birds - Johanna Burai beautiful repeat pattern heron birds acrylic painting illustration // red, yellow beaks and cross hatching black and white

You might consider looking at this room and picking some of these pieces to integrate your next home decor project Discover more yellow interior design pieces at Circu - www.circu.net

pattern by Minakani modern floral, yellow and navy, repeat


If You're A Bird, I'm A Bird


Lac salé - Flore Larrazet - textile designer and Illustrator

Birds - Johanna Burai

is a Stockholm-based illustrator and graphic designer. She’s currently attending BA studies in Visual Communication at Beckmans College of Design. More about Johanna Burai.