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    • Carla Green

      Japanese dwarf flying squirrel #animals

    • Eve Soto

      Peek a boo... Japanese Flying Squirrel

    • Ivoone Romo

      japanese flying squirrel This little critter is ooooooberly cute!

    • Mary Murray

      Japanese Flying Squirrel | This is like a Disney woodland creature in real life.

    • Brittany Albright

      Japanese Flying Squirrel!! OMG look at his big eyes!!!

    • pata

      a sugar glider or a japanese flying squirrel is that the same animal?

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    you can't see me, but I can see you!

    Have I told you your eyes are like 2 scrumptious cupcakes floating in little bitty pools of whip cream?

    Southern Flying Squirrel. FYI - We have these in Okla. and it really hurts when they bite you. Just sayin'