♥ strike by Timothy Wright

rainbow, lightning...only God can do that! Makes me think of Zack :)



reflected lightning


The Strike! •  Matt Granz


Amazing Mother Nature: a Super-cell Thunderstorm Wall Cloud frequently has a tornado hiding underneath.

✯ Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike ! WOW!!! What power!!!


I really love pictures of lightning.

This incredible Lightning Display was taken in Ikaria Island, Greece near the southwestern coast of Turkey. Photographer Chris Kotsiopoulos captured the stunning image when he set out to document the total lunar eclipse on June 15, 2011. The photographer set up his camera on a tripod, and then took repeated 20 second exposures. He then combined 70 of them into a single frame, creating this stunning image. The photographs were taken over 83 minutes, and the result was this ‘wall of lightni...

Eternal Lightning Fields, Venezuela. For ten hours each night for up to 160 nights per year, the lightning puts on a show like a wild Fourth of July night in America.

Crack over the ocean

i love lightning because it never looks the same as another flash. this photo is beautiful the way the lighning strings bend away from the clouds and strands fall off and away from the main strike and then gets covered by the clouds and then is shown hitting the water-k

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Lightning Storm...

Beautiful night time photo of lightning.