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Never ever have I worked out that hard. But if that's the secret for a Batman booty call.....

The dog on the left looks like chris tucker from the rush hour movies and that makes it even funnier!!!

saw this and laughed for about an hour then kept scrolling...but scrolled back up to repin because this will never not be funny

You ever do that again, I'm gonna get me a stepladder and stick my finger up your nose, like this . . . . .

Funny Pictures 72 Pics O. M. G. !!!!!!!

Venus vs. Mars!!!!!@@@@@ The Meta Picture

"I dont like to run with mom - faked leg injuries.. Cost lots of $ in Vet bills - Vet caught on - treats gone :( "

0 o _________________________ ___ < it explains MANY stories! | _________________________ |

I laughed a little too hard at this