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Captain Picard Plays Bowling

Captain Picard Plays Bowling -

All about that Base #StarWars #ESB #Hoth #Meme #Rebels #EmpireStrikesBack

Star Trek Next Generation: Dangerous Mission? Better send down four chief officers (Dr. Beverly Crusher, Worf, Data, and Geordi Laforge) and Number One, Commander Will Riker. Troi and Captain Picard are still on the ship. I am not sure to which episode this picture refers.

Picard sings! (This was never meant to be seen by the public. It was a birthday present for Gene Roddenberry. It was included on the Season 5 DVD as part of a tribute to Roddenberry, who died during the filming of Season 5.)

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Firefly best show ever

It reaches a point where you know they HAVE to be from the future when they AGE SO BLOODY WELL!!!!