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Because we all need a little stupid humor to make us smile today

Michael Buble. I shall! Going to see him @ the Toyota Center tomorrow!!!!

This just makes me happy.

why your wedding ring goes on the 4th finger. Cute for the back of the program. Make sure to tell your photographer. I bet they'll catch a few guests trying it pre-ceremony... Alysha Croy and Amanda Hoover This is cool!!!

Saint Bernard puppy...i want it

Serious Cat

Serious Cat

Serious Cat I love serious cat!

@Jenna! Carter's halloween costume!



YES!!! For you, SLPD!!

Cavachon!!! Cavalier king charles and a Bichon Frise!!!

Bring it on!



Not walking and you can't make me. Kittie with attitude! The video is so funny.

@Jenna You MUST do this!!!

American Cocker Spaniel





This story is really freaking funny... I was crying from laughing so hard! A little long but SO worth the laugh!

So I just found out I'm awesome. You might want to get yourself tested.