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What happens when your husband gets on your pinterest app? YOu have dogs in your food board. white boxer with soccer ball

odd eyed white boxer exactly like my previous one :(

Boxer Dog Photo Gallery & Postcard - Zacz here to find out more

Antecipe seus abraços aos olhares esperançosos. Acredite no quanto vale a pena #Acredite #Cachorro #Olhar

White boxer puppy. In the past, "reputable breeders" used to automatically put down white boxer puppies as they could not be registered through the AKC and it was assumed that they all had genetic defects. I am so glad things have changed. Look at this face! How could anyone not fall in love with it? That said, white boxers make wonderful family pets but should not be bred. There is an increased risk for deafness and this trait should not be perpetuated.

No dude wait it is my cake not yours!!..I tought we were buddies..can't I have your not on my birthday..we can share after I blow out the candle

You can't see me. I have my blue collar on that makes me invisible.