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If only certain people could figure out how to use the "That's what she said" correctly.


Enforced Speed Limit…

Haha can't stop laughing

Never thought I’d agree with the sentiments behind the words on a church sign: We truly regret that gay marriage attacks the sanctity of your fourth marriage.

I'm gonna get one of these... but I'm gonna get pets first.

Classic Occupy Wall Street Protest Signs (26 pics) -

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Bumper sticker for adults

"i hate baby on board signs. like ohh yeah i was about to purposely ram into your car, but now that i know you have a child, you're free to go." this comment is life -E: Car, Giggle, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Bumper Stickers, Humor, Baby, Adult

All rocks go to heaven.

LOL at Bacon - hmmmm, not very practical, but I like your attitude #funny #sign


Memebase 88

So much for the secrecy!

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Community Post: Best Protest Sign Ever

Best Protest Sign Ever

Ok I laughed so hard at this, handed my iPhone to husband to read, still giggling. He shook his head at me. I am still kind of laughing as I write this.