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  • Mary Holman

    celtic goddess artio | Artio: My Goddess and Leader

  • Mike

    Artio. Bear goddess. Celtic Pantheon

  • Ylva

    Artio (Swiss)the bear Goddess - picture - Artio, Goddess of the Chase" by Howard David Johnson

  • Candace

    Celtic Art: Celtic Mythology; The Realistic Celtic Art work and ...

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Artio is the Continental Celtic Goddess of fertility and wild animals, especially bears, Her name means "Bear" art by Thalia Took

'déesse Artio dormant avec un ours' peinture à l'huile (Goddess Artio sleeping with bear, oil) by Alexandra Nereïev

Belisama, A Gaulish and Brythonic Celtic Goddess. Depicted as Belenus' consort. Amongst other things a solar deity, associated with high summer. She is a goddess of all types of fire (including sun- and moon-light) as well as of crafts. Often equated with the Roman goddess Minerva and the fact that she seems to be bearing serpents in her statue representation would indicate that she is a goddess of wisdom and healing and as a light-bearer, goddess of the forge.

“Help the world to become better. Don't leave the world just the same as you have found it - make it a little better, make it a little more beautiful.” ― Osho

Artemis is the Greek goddess of animals. She is both the huntress and protector of animals, especially the young. She presides over nature and the initiation rituals of young girls.

The Bona Dea is a very ancient and holy Roman Goddess of Women and Healing, who was worshipped exclusively by women. Her true name is sometimes said to be Fauna, which means “She Who Wishes Well.” Fauna was considered Her secret name, not to be spoken–especially by men–so She is usually referred to by the name the women called Her: Bona Dea, or the “Good Goddess”.