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  • Mary Holman

    celtic goddess artio | Artio: My Goddess and Leader

  • E. Rede M.

    Dea Artio, Bear-goddess of the Gauls

  • MathewHayes

    ARTIO (Continental, Anglo-Celtic) A bear Goddess of abundance, strength and the harvest. This bear Goddess was the consort of Essus. A shrine to her once stood in what is now Berne, Switzerland. Like Eostre, she was probably once a Teutonic deity. She is depicted as being surrounded by full baskets and animals, therefore it can be surmised that she was a fertility and harvest Goddess, and a Goddess of wildlife.

  • Jennifer Hunter

    Artio, goddess of the chase Howard David Johnson

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Artio is the Continental Celtic Goddess of fertility and wild animals, especially bears, Her name means "Bear" art by Thalia Took

'déesse Artio dormant avec un ours' peinture à l'huile (Goddess Artio sleeping with bear, oil) by Alexandra Nereïev

In Celtic mythology, Dea Matrona ("divine mother goddess") was the goddess of the river Marne in Gaul. In many areas she was worshipped as a triple goddess with a wider sphere of influence. This triadic deity is well attested throughout northern Europe not just in Celtic areas, and was similar to the Fates, Furies, Norns, and other such figures.

The Bona Dea is a very ancient and holy Roman Goddess of Women and Healing, who was worshipped exclusively by women. Her true name is sometimes said to be Fauna, which means “She Who Wishes Well.” Fauna was considered Her secret name, not to be spoken–especially by men–so She is usually referred to by the name the women called Her: Bona Dea, or the “Good Goddess”.

Psychedelic Goddess Art Poster by PearlWhitecrow on Etsy, $20.00

Celtic Art: Celtic Mythology; The Realistic Celtic Art work and illustrations of Celtic myth & legend by Howard David Johnson

Hathor is one of the most beloved of Egypt’s goddesses, a benevolent, understanding and stunningly beautiful figure responsible for all artistic endeavor and happiness in the world. The goddess of joy, celebration, music and art, she presides over festivals whose sole purpose is to bring joy to the participants; she is also a goddess of the family, and is known to protect children, provide  their mothers with new siblings and to heal their small ills with infinite care.