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  • Miriam Addison

    The Emperor's New Groove - Funny movie.

  • Madison K

    "I win" Mwahahaha! Yzma, Emperor's New Groove BEST PART OF ANY DISNEY MOVIE EVER!!

  • Daurenta Lotorem

    Disney Challenge Day 20: Funniest Moment - This whole scene from Emperor's New Groove is ONE of the funniest moments. Naturally there are so many funny moments in Disney that to pick just one is a difficult task. I never fail to laugh at this scene, though. Of course, all the scenes leading up to it are pretty fantastic, too. "Is that my voice?" "For the last time, we did not order a giant trampoline." "What are the odds this trap door would lead me out here?"

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Best quote ever, loved this movie so much when I was younger!! now I want to watch it

love emperor's new groove - On an unrelated note, freaking Joshua Hales! I always wanted to be shorter until he was taller than me, and then I was like, "You know what? Being a little bit taller wouldn't be so bad." And now Trevor's taller than me, and I just... Guys. Stahp. You're my little brother, and the friend who's always endured the "I'm older than you" for 1/3 of every year, and.... If i've freaking grown up with you, you aren't allowed to be taller than me, that's the rule, okay?

If you remember this movie them you more than likely quote this part of the movie every time you see it lol.. I know I do!

Something you probably missed while watching The Emperor’s New Groove… It took me like a whole 5 minutes to find it.....

Mind blown! It makes perfect sense Beauty and the Beast- 1991 Aladdin- 1992

Eugene from Tangled and Robert from Enchanted and their priorities.

The Emperor's New Groove! love Kronk! :)...still upset my boyfriend let his niece take it...totally distroyed it!


Seriously one of my favorite movies of all time!!! | 24 Reasons Yzma And Kronk Are The Best Disney Characters Ever

Well said, I hate those "Disney taught our generation to act like hoodlums" pictures.

You wanna piece of me? Ooh I'm scared now- AWHAAHAT Stop following me, ok? I think I can copy this whole movie. No that's not a joke. Just keep swimming swimming swimming swimming....