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ball point pen by il lee

Human spirography, Tony Orrico makes these stunning drawings for 4 hours sometimes to make one large piece. I think they are just an amazingly beautiful feat of patience.

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The Coolest Art We've Ever Seen From A Ballpoint Pen

Brooklyn-based artist Shane McAdams makes abstract paintings out of ballpoint pens using a technique he calls "Pen Blow." He opens ballpoint pen cartridges, yanks off the tips, then, with his mouth, blows ink through the tubes onto 12-inch-by-12 inch or 24-by-24-inch panels. When the ink flows out, it’s saturated with color and so viscous that, “instead of turning to a mist, it blows out into sticky interconnected strings.”

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Line Drawing: A Guide for Art Students

ball point pen drawing

water fall -- -- SHIOYASU Tomoko expresses the enormous energy of nature in sprawling and precise handwork by way of cutting paper with a knife, melting layered synthetic paper with soldering iron and drawing on a synthetic paper which repels water. -- -- people wonder how her delicate work can stand the demands of being hung