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上海南京路上的双层公交车 Shanghai 1920s by China Postcard, via Flickr

1910's The original poster indicated this was "Lily" and the tags that she was a British actress. Gorgeous dress.

Ahh, 1920s Paris... Ernest Hemingway is in the very front. The first girl is the model for Brett in The Sun Also Rises; the second girl is his future second wife, Pauline; and the third is his current wife, Hadley.

In the 1920's only women wearing long beaded necklaces could enter a was a custom at the time...

Shanghai 1920* A white woman married into Hong Kong culture, not a glamourous expat, writes of her financial disaster and mystical experiences, a unique story, The Goddess of Mercy & the Dept of Miracles, by Arielle Gabriel *

Sleeveless coat over a short sleeved dress and an ankle length dress with layered skirt worn with a broad-brimmed hat. Designed by Lanvin. 1910's

My mother and her aunt, Shanghai, 1925

Shanghai, 1930s, two sister wearing wonderful matching outfits. From