How might your ancestors have dressed in the 1870s? #genealogy #familytree #clothing

How might your ancestors have dressed in the 1850s? #genealogy #familytree #clothing

Dress, American, c 1854, silk.

Vintage Christmas- perfect

1880 Dress Culture: French Alternating stripes of sky blue satin & white faille: skirt w/ pleated trim, day jacket, capped sleeve ballgown bodice w/ lace flounce, ballgown bodice's petersham label stamped gold on white moire.


So, I came across this pin a while back, and it led me to Ayyawear. It's a small, super-high-quality clothing brand specializing in apocalypse/steampunk styles. Their clothes are absolutely amazing!!

Summer day dress, 1870s, Mode Museum


Dress 1873, Made of silk, satin, and linen

ca. 1863

Woman's evolution in clothing

Late 1870s day dress

late 1870s

1870s walking suit via The Indianapolis Museum of Art. Notice the parasol pocket on the side of the dress.

Victorian Fashion: 1870's

Dress 1873

The period between 1876 (the hundredth anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence) and 1883 (the hundredth anniversary of the end of the Revolutionary War) saw a huge number of American themed fancy dress balls. This beautiful Stars & Stripes themed dress was made for such a ball between between 1880 and 1882.

Evening Dress Made Of Silk, Cotton And Metal By The House Of Worth - French c.1898-1900

A colonial Ladys clothing

Kent State Collection C. 1810, Spencer jacket of emerald green velvet embroidered with green silk and gold thread.