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I love photos like this, when something as simple as grass becomes ethereal through the angle and the light.

Ladybird on lily of the valley. I wish I carried my camera everywhere I go.. I would have a lot of perfect picturs..

Rock Springs Park Cyclone - I would fall asleep hearing the cars climb and then the screams!!! Till midnight!!

The path of less resistance... And the amazing way rain drops join up in this graceful and effortless way to provide awesome images like this one...

The information and also the applications of the digital camera lenses to the different circumstances are a couple different things.

All the laughter yet to escape, lost now, lost to space...All the things we never got to do, only God knows how much I miss you...

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but about learning how to dance in the rain."Found on evolutional.tumbl... via Tumblr

I quite like the reading pose with the legs on the wall and I really like the tights, could work with a throw in the shot

You're gorgeous, I'm gorgeous! You're smart, I'm smart! You love food, I love food! We're perfect together! :)