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72 hour kits...great information, informative blog. Lots of details about how to get started and maintain.

Great article on long-term food storage in 5 gal buckets. Charts on how much of a food fits into a bucket vs 10-lb can.

Printable Food Storage Inventory -how much food storage do I need?

Really good info regarding spices, oil storage and some other stuff! Sweet!

Food storage...plan 9-12 meals your family eats often and then buy 3 months worth of ingredients for each meal. Start with one meal and one ingriendient at a time.

For my wanna be prepper husband: Build your food storage for $5 per week 52 week challenge

One year of food storage. She breaks it down to just basics, then gives you a list of what you can make with it.

Tips for Building up Food Storage and Preparing for Emergencies

triple barrel water storage - This is a must have on my list when the time comes, recent disasters exemplify the need for this in everyone's homes.

Ingenious way to use rainwater storage for your garden: the rainwater HOG under a deck with a drip line!

Only in America would you find this commercial shelving system in a house. Just in case of a nuclear fall out right? lol!