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Garden markers. I am going to try to do this with some of my collection of vintage silverplate.

Need more rusty shovels! I have been collecting rusty ornaments in my rock garden for a few years. This would be a great, although big addition!

Recycled Spoon Garden Markers- WHAT?! I was looking at Garden Markers at Palmers last week; now it's 1210am, looking for a project to start, and this is calling my name. Thrift stores, and herb garden, here comes my coin collection.- gotta make these!

Duct tape garden markers - you need a roll of aluminum duct tape, utensils (discarded plastic or thrifted metal). The tape is stuck to itself around the utensil and is written on from the back with a ball point pen to make the embossed letters on the front. It's a unique, thrifty look that can be done for pennies.

plant marker: stamped spoons as plant markers, 36 piece set of stamps available at www.harborfreight... for about nine dollars

Nice garden shed with lots of light. Could make a nice backyard studio or home office. Would obviously need massive A/C unit with all those windows

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