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  • Erika Reyes

    My feelings exactly!! Go get me a chicken sandwich!! And some waffle fries!!! Bahahaha

  • Kelsey Holder

    I find this quite funny. I believe in Freedom of Speech and I believe if you want to be gay, then be gay. I don't support being gay but I don't let it ruin my life. I'm so tired of hearing about this and how how many people are surprised. Why be surprised? Obviously ALL chick fil a's are closed on Sunday and that should be the first clue that the owners go by what the Bible says. GET OVER IT! If you like their food then eat it, if you don't like it then don't eat it!!

  • Julianna Rice

    Bahahahahah, I know everyone's tired of the whole 'Let's boycott Chickfila because the 80 year old Christian man doesn't support gaiety! / He has the rights to freedom of speech and his own opinions!' thing, but hey, I had to.. It's good chicken!(;

  • Amy Smith

    Freaking funny stuff

  • Allyson Barnett

    omg, this says it all. this whole chic fil a controversy is so dumb!

  • Melissa Wimberly

    ecard i love chicken - Google Search

  • Megan Giurbino

    LOL! I need a chik fil a!

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