grave overgrown

Ever Faithful. A grave at Highgate Cemetery in London depicts a statue of the owner's dog resting by his master's side.

Beautiful grave

Now this is an old grave

A child's grave, Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio

helpful graphic to understand what tombstone symbols represent. Credit:

Bow Cemetery- London, opened in 1841. Within 50 years a quarter million people were buried here / photo by Duncan George.

Cambridge Graveyard, England

London catacombs

Highgate Cemetery, London, England..

An Ode to Dying Spirits - statue

Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris

funny saying on grave stone

Beyond the Grave

grave guardian

Cemetary Statuary

Gothic Grave

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vine covered angel, London... by Pat Corrigan/Flickr.

Forest Graveyard (Photo by james_michael_hill, via flickr) Neglected graves are a shameful thing!

The tree has grown around the grave.