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    grave overgrown

    Ever Faithful. A grave at Highgate Cemetery in London depicts a statue of the owner's dog resting by his master's side.

    London catacombs

    helpful graphic to understand what tombstone symbols represent. Credit: www.atlasobscura....

    grave stone for child

    Now that's a useful grave marker.

    Caption says: "This is a grave from the Victorian age when a fear of zombies and vampires was prevalent. The cage was intended to trap the undead just in case the corpse reanimated." However, it is more likely this was actually to prevent grave robbers from digging up the body and selling it to a university for dissection.

    Zentralfriedhof statue - Amazing that this is a piece of stone and it still looks like a veil covering a face. Many years ago it was something of a test of skill for a sculptor to create a veiled face. This is one of the absolute best.


    Bow Cemetery- London, opened in 1841. Within 50 years a quarter million people were buried here / photo by Duncan George.

    Actually more of an Abandoned Place, this deserted underground city crypt lies somewhere in Belgium (actual location protected). The cemetery above is well groomed but below ground is the dark secret. Three tunnels lit only by skylights are flanked with dead interred between 1885 when the cemetery opened to as late as 1978. Some have been disinterred since but most of the dead remain. They have been forgotten.

    Gothic Grave

    A child's grave, Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio

    A weathered-cross grave marker has broken and fused with a tree.

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    Hidden peace

    Now this is an old grave

    The Little Girl in the Rum Keg. This child died on the return trip from England, sometime in the mid 1700s. At that time, if you died at sea, you were either buried at sea or stored in a container of alcohol spirits. So, the only way her father could get her body home was to have the body sealed in a keg of rum. ∞

    Highgate Cemetery

    Old cemetery gravestones

    Poe's grave