Wedit sends the wedding couple 5HD cameras in the mail 3 days before the wedding weekend. The couple passes them out to the wedding guests throughout the festivities to record. The couple returns cameras to Wedit to edit. Wedit then edits the footage into a video.

* FREE For Everyone! * Your Weddings Guests will take a lot of photos! Ever think how you will get them all? WedPics - The #1 Photo & Video Sharing App for Weddings! Available on iPhone, Android and Web (for those using digital cameras). All photos that are shared to your WedPics albums are free to download (in full resolution)!

#wedding planning timeline

The groom gets to open the photo album the morning of the wedding..def doing this

Wedding App that collects all your wedding photos from guests keeps everyone in the loop with up-to-date wedding details.

This website puts your words, favorite song lyrics, vows, ect into a picture

This chalk board is a great way to encourage guests to tag Instagram photos under your hashtag at your wedding

Wedit: Delightfully Shareable Wedding Memories - Before the wedding, you get 5 HD cams that your guests can use throughout the day. Send them back and WedIt will edit all videos! Brilliant. Freaking brilliant.

For the forgetful groom... this ring warms up 24 hours before your anniversary:)---Wow....legit! Ok. That's cool.

Flower Girl - Us Angels Tulle Ballerina Dress (Infant, Toddler, Little Girls & Big Girls) | Nordstrom

each guest gets a disposable camera to leave behind at the end so you have pictures from every point of view, also we can make them look pretty

Every wedding photo and video memory in a box. With the WeddingMix app and cameras you'll capture everything from everyone in one spot. Then they edit the best parts into a video keepsake starting at $99. Cool!

If you send a wedding invitation to the President, you will receive a congratulatory letter from him and the First Lady. To invite the President, mail your invitation at least six weeks in advance of your wedding day to: The Honorable (President's Name) and Mrs. (First Lady) The White House Greetings Office Room 39 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC 20500. matter who is in office I would like this for my scrapbook.

Collect the rain drops if it rains on your wedding day. I so WISH I did this. How cool is that?!

Life-size Polaroid for guests to take pictures in. Cute. @Melissa Squires Frost

A fun way to display your wedding timeline and/or send to the wedding party! Originally available on Etsty but no longer available (but I could do a similiar one).

A GOWN INFO-GRAPHIC I had no idea what half this stuff was called!

USeasonal Guide to Wedding Flowers - good to know!

Photos of the parents' and grandparents' weddings SO DOING THIS!