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bluecocoonyarn | balanced corespun | "I spin up two singles in the same direction (clockwise) and then ply them together in the same direction (clockwise) ... Your core will be weird and kinky and try to eat itself ... Until you corespin with it. Now you’ll take what you’d like to corespin with ... and turn your wheel in the opposite direction (counter-clockwise). While wrapping your outer layer you will remove all that extra twist ..."

Sheeping Beauties | Amphibian | corespun | angelina + firestar + wensleydale cotswold X locks + romney + merino + silk noil + silk threads + sari ribbon + woven silk

pinknosedbug | cashmere + angora goat locks + indigo

pluckyfluff | melted

Tara | corespun + Navajo plied + autowrapped

SheepingBeauty | corespun uncarded locks: icelandic + blue faced leicester lamb

Karen Barnaby | Not Windcomb | 2010

WoolShepherdess | teeswater

Elizabeth Marks | headley grange + border leicester + finn cross + todkin + icelandic locks + qiviuit: muskox

SheepingBeauty | corespun

girlwithasword | Queen of the Road | Lincoln locks

LauraSpinner: Rainbow Twist Handspun | corespun

Woodyett | "'Eau de Maytag' consists of blue sparkle scented fabric softener sheets, dryer lint, Merino wool, pocket lint (receipts) and a lone unraveled sock. Carded and spun into a single with no static cling and a cuddle up fresh scent."

Joyce Abbott: Banadura | two kinds of seaweed + dried sardines

Jacey Boggs: Insubordiknit

indigo ramie, the paper moire, recycled blue jeans handspun fibre plied with cotton, kaki shifu, handspun cotton plied with reeled silk, 2-ply handspun hemp dyed with walnut husks

Jan Massie | silk | Oak Creek, Wisconsin, U.S.A. | "When I started cutting silk cocoons into flowers and pods, it opened a new kind of creative process. I use silk waste and silk for lumps in the yarn. I find silk rods also make an interesting texture. Corespinning silk is a beautiful process also, the ideas are limitless."

Lexi Boeger: Pluckyfluff | Little Prairie Massacre | "Bulky single in natural white Icelandic wool, hand-dyed fibers, silk waste, fabric, flowers, rubber cherries, and a 1940s vintage doll with open/close eyes, leather and hide doll chaps, and floral doll shirt. The length of the yarn is spun with a delicate pale pink bubbly thread and coral pink silk thread."

FunkedUpFluff | chunky corespun bubble wrap | wool roving top + nylon + blue faced Leicester + metallic


British Pathé Films | How Fibres Are Spun | England, U.K. | 1940–'49

SheepingBeauty | corespun | superwash blue faced leicester + silk noil | Toronto, Canada