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Baking Sheet + Magnets = Peace and Quiet. Get more road trip activities for kids >>

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How could I not have thought of this... cookie sheet with magnet clip.

Somewhat Simplefrom Somewhat Simple

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A cookie sheet, painted with chalkboard paint- make this for the kids for your family road trips!

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Put magnets on the back of puzzle pieces and children put together on a cookie sheet (also a great travel activity)

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Box + Crayons = a quiet activity for a Two Year Old :)

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Pipe Cleaner

Cut up pipe-cleaners and place them in a bottle. Use a magnet to manipulate them. kids will stay busy for hours.

While He Was Nappingfrom While He Was Napping

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Some of the best ideas I've seen yet. There are a few ideas we've actually done before but still by far one of the most creative! We'll try several for our Florida trip!

Skinny Momfrom Skinny Mom

Mobile Apps To Entertain Kids On The Road

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Need to keep the kids entertained on a long road trip? We've done our research and have found the best apps that your kids will love.

Play Dr Momfrom Play Dr Mom

Car Trip Busy Box


How to entertain kids on a car trip...there are some really cool ideas here!

What Do We Do All Dayfrom What Do We Do All Day

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Rainy Days

What Do We Do All Day?: Indoor Activities for Kids. A huge list of cheap, fun & educational things to do inside!

Mom Llc

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keeping the little ones busy on road trips without involving hours of movies or barney ;)

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tutorial: DIY Cookie Sheet Activity Tray for Road Trips with kids {genius!}

16+ HOUR road trip with a Toddler and Preschooler {2 of 2}

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50 Insanely Clever Organizing Ideas

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For long road trips, stick shower baskets to the window to organize markers, snacks, and other fun items for your kids. Diy home sweet home: 50 Insanely Clever Organizing Ideas

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Another pinner said: Used this on our recent road trip to the beach - LOVED IT! She was able to eat, color, play cars - whatever! On The Go Play 'n Snack Tray $9.95- road trips! Need it.

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101 Toddler Activities on Road Trips! Yes please!

Modern Parents Messy Kidsfrom Modern Parents Messy Kids

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Great ideas for keeping the kids occupied on long road trips