Daryl stands atop the stone fence in front of his restored historic home.

Step back in time in this gorgeously renovated and restored antique home, with its combination of superior new construction and period charm. The original part of this Colonial was built in 1655 and it has been restored by those who understood the antique homes of New England. There are stained glass windows in the dining room, original moldings, exposed beams, historically accurate pumpkin pine floors, two updated bathrooms and four fireplaces including a large hearth and walk-in fireplace ...

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tiny and cute Montana guest house log cabin

Charleston beauty .

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Living room, fireplace and chairs are perfect

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This farmhouse = my dream house

This is truly my dream house. If I won the lottery, this is what I would build. House Plan 530-3

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Lovely white house with porch, and flagstone path.

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Beautiful! I love red houses because they look gorgeous in the white snow and gorgeous in the green grass and trees of spring.

Shown: While honoring the home's historic style, she renovated the front and the back, with new windows and skylights and a porch facing a landscaped yard accented by salvaged stone walls.

This design is influenced by history by the federal design. The house has a very colonial feel whith the white outside. Just looking at this house makes me think of Jefferson. This picture is from architecturaldesign.com.

farmhouse on steroids...