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Help! My Child Hates the Beach

If you child hates the sand, the wind, the waves, your vacation doesn't have to end! Here are ways to help your child cope and learn to love the beach.

Tips for Taking a Child's Friend on Vacation With You

For single-child families, having a playmate seems like a good idea. Here is what you must know before inviting a child's friend on vacation with you.

Traveling With Food Allergies - Challenging But Not Impossible

Traveling with food allergies can be a challenge, but if you prepare yourself and your child, you can make your vacation safe for everyone.

Leaving on a School Trip for the First Time

When your child goes away on a school trip for the first time, it can be a little scary for the parents. But it's just the beginning of their great journey. (via

OMG I Can't Find my Child! ID Bracelets for a Parent's Worst Nightmare

Have you ever been separated from your child? With these ID Bracelets, you can quickly be reunited! They are great at Airports, Disneyland, Zoos, Parks and other busy places! How much is Peace of Mind worth to you?

Tackling a child's fear of mascots and characters while traveling

Tackling a child’s fear of mascots and characters while traveling @Walking on Travels

Sightseeing with children - visiting hill villages

Tips for making sightseeing fun with children even in places that might initially seem far from child-friendly

A Warning About Getting the First Passport for Your Child

Getting a first passport for your baby or child can be difficult and confusing, but this article shows you how to avoid common mistakes so you can easily get necessary documents for happy international travel with kids!