this made me laugh so hard. i remember all those legos i stepped on, tripped over, and fell on when my boys were little. i even have a lego scar on one of my legs. funny stuff.

G should try this one! http://media-cache2.pinterest.com/upload/163818505165708489_EU095fkg_f.jpg http://bit.ly/Htuyzo erosenstein quotes and sayings

Love it!

Well played, Google. Well played! #fun

people are so witty.

Jedi are cool, but Mom is WAY cooler! ♥♥♥

K, my new code, lol

Bahaha I honestly think people wake up and think to themselves "hmmm, who can I piss off today!"

Hahah hide your crazy you psychos

I seriously think someecards reads my mind because this is EXACTLY I feel! Just for the record so no one gets flared up--I'm not talking about elderly people or blind people or handicapped people or people with canes. Good....glad we straightened that out!


been there - I want a t-shirt!!

The knee bender. this looks really painful | 19 Cheerleaders Who May Not Make The Team Next Year

I don't always get a sore throat, but when I do, I swallow every five seconds to see if it still hurts.

@bdingley0835 this is so us! lol XD

Sums up my life... Funny Breakup Ecard: 'No Boyfriend November was a success, should I go for Don't Date December? Just me January? Forever Alone February? No Man March?'

It always hurts.. Then I say "Stop trying not to cry!" inside my head of course.. But then I burst out crying.