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Ewa Chodakowska SKALPEL - YouTube

SKALPEL - Ewa Chodakowska - YouTube

Melt the Muffin Top...The Power Abs Workout (this one looks great, and like it will work the legs and butt too)"

Legs. Tracy.

Two years of hard work can get you this body ! #weightloss #beforeandafter #bodytransformation

8 Minute Abs

Abs workout

Wish your butt and thighs looked like those of a Victoria Secret model, but don't have time to spend hours at the gym? No worries! This collection of butt and thigh at home workouts for busy moms is JUST what you need. Full workouts included!

for arms

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Trim The Trunk - Rock Hard Abs in 12 Minutes -- Pinner said: I loved this fitness workout and I even clicked the link so I could do it with the trainer!! So much fun! #Fitness #Workout #Core

I've never seen a site like this... You click on the part you want to work on and it tells you easy exercises you can do at home!

For opening up your hips. | Sitting at work, sitting in the car, sitting on the couch. We sit a lot. And tight hips are the scourge of sitters. Learn these basic (but brilliant) poses from PopSugar to open your hips and stretch you out. | Yoga Workouts

Here is the perfect butt workout. It can be done at home. These exercises will work and can be done 3 to 5 days a week depending on your level of fitness. Remember consistence get's you there! Good luck!

The workout looked easy too, which was also appealing. Then I got to the 3rd set and I realized that I no longer wanted to have a Malibooty because it hurts A LOT. So now my torso hurts when I breathe and my butt hurts all of the time. workouts were actually useful GIVE IT A TRY

Great exercise finder! You click on the body part and gives you exercise(s) specific to the body part!

4 weeks of hard work! Really awesome progress and inspiration!

good A.M. workout

This chick is Serious! Hard body weight work out, no gear required. EVERY MORNING!!! This site is awesome there is also an ap for the iPhone/pod/pad :)...

instead of the final squat, hang out in warrior two for a minute, then switch to the other side for a minute.

From pinner- I have never been a believer in yoga but I just did this and I am SERIOUSLY so relaxed! It's amazing!