How to harvest and dry English Lavender plus project tutorials and recipes on how to use it.

13 Magical Things To Make With Lavender

How to dry lavender at home

Lavender plants are generally easy to care for. Learn how to create a fragrant and beautiful lavender hedge, and maintain it for years to come.

How to dry lavender

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Lavender labyrinth leading into the center and returning the same path, a meditative exercise.

How to propogate lavender using cuttings

tutorial for harvesting and drying lavender

Freshly cut French Lavender - one of the soft fragrance notes in Aesthetic Content's Lavender Pera Bianca Luxury Scented Soy Candle


Pruning Lavender ............ Exactly what I was looking for .... my lavender is so huge and I did not know how to to this!!

Drying flowers and herbs

Great use of repetition.

growing and harvesting lavender

Alium and Lavanda centrepiece in wooden crates love this look @An Enchanted Florist at Skippack Village

Dried lavender

imperial lavender

LAVENDER is beautiful, fragrant and tasty. Indoors or out, lavender is a natural bug repellent, hated by fleas & moths. The nectar attracts beneficial insects to the garden; good COMPANION PLANT for veggies & fruit trees. Propagated by cuttings so get one plant and create many for use in the house and garden. CLICK PHOTO for recipes & ideas for use.

I can't live without my lavender. What a Godsend!

Store seeds now, plant next year. Lots of tips on harvesting the seeds from your flowers & veggies